• detective_b 11w

    A Night Without You

    I fell on you, long time ago...
    My memories remained, clear as day...
    I loved you, wholeheartedly...

    I was a delinquent, almost intolerant...
    You were losing hope, with much regrets...
    You cut me off, indefinitely...

    You shaped me better, to a man...
    You erased my errors, to a new slate...
    You warmed my heart, affectionately...

    I did love you, without conditions
    I did yearn you, with compassion
    I did change myself, with conviction

    However, my darling,
    With your puzzled solitude
    Will I still be worth loving?
    Would you still see me again?

    No matter how many words you speak
    Or the songs you fill in my ear,
    Your embrace, your kiss, your passion,
    Speak volumes of words.

    Your smiles, your laughs,
    Thaw faster than the coming spring.
    Bloom faster than the photosynthesis

    I wont see you again, I guess...
    The distance stretches far and wide
    The sun sets, hoping will rise again.
    I'll take my slumber
    On the bed of jade vines
    That will never wilt
    Covering me with a fluffly bear
    That will never be cold
    With my instilling dreams
    Of you and me in peace

    Till the sun rise,
    I love you
    and good night, Darling