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    17 April 2018

    Was supposed to post it at 12:00 but m a bit sleepy n didn't want to be late. So better early that later I guess.

    So here you go ��������

    @princethakur you probably thought I forgot ��

    Happy Birthday bestie.

    May you always be 'Mast' ����

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    My Prince (literally)

    The one who is always there for me
    The one whom I can trust
    The one who encourages me
    The one who writes songs for me
    The one who is always 'Mast Malang'
    The one who replies even in late night if I need him
    The Pizza lover
    The 'Chai is life' guy
    The reader

    The one who loves me
    The one whom I love

    Not my boyfriend;

    My bestie


    Your bestoo,
    Trish xx