• kesharanjan8 6w

    I am afraid of the shadow
    Lurking behind;
    And it is free as the wind
    On a lonely night
    I am scared of the sound of it
    Reminding me of terror heard and seen
    A forceful hand on my face
    Frightening me to death
    It was a mistake to step outside at night
    Or a blunder to be born a female child
    I run for my breath, I run for my life
    All the devotions and deeds lost in vain
    I can't imagine it ending right,
    My soul trembles
    And vision blurred
    But my scream is muffled
    And silence smears
    I can't escape
    Now my corse is ruined
    I am thrashed and shamed
    I throw my limbs and try one last time
    I search for a soul in this monster at sight
    I shiver and sigh
    Whispering some prayer
    Some miracle to happen tonight
    I defend my spirit
    I don't want to be burned alive
    My mind desolated
    And not a human, it's a demon
    For the sin he is about to commence
    How hard it is to see
    I am living and not a piece of meat?
    I would want to be forgotten after this;
    A witness and a victim,
    Forbidden a normal life and health
    Stuck in this morbid state
    I don't understand; What was my mistake?
    What I did wrong?
    What I didn't comprehend?
    Was it a wrong time or place?
    Or my body or feminine face?
    And the nightmares after this
    Sobbing and whimpering on my bed
    Afraid to face the mirror in shame
    And the stares and glares of every other Men
    I don't want sympathy, I have had enough of that
    I don't require your comment or facade
    Or anything to remind me of that terrible past
    I want justice, I need it now
    My only therapy, last of demand
    The episode is hidden in my brain somewhere
    And the culprit would never realise how I suffered
    Every day is a challenge, a reminder
    Of something terrible, something unnatural.