• thewordplayer 5w

    There is that fight
    in my head all day,
    whether to give up,
    or stay.

    To shut out
    and sleep tight,
    or to regret and
    suffer whole night.

    Either to fly,
    in the deep blue sky,
    or to cage myself
    untill I die.

    //This is the fight that kills me all day,
    and I finally end up losing my way//

    I so keep pushing
    people away,
    For what I sought,
    did never stay.

    Walls keep closing around me
    and I sink each day,
    yet I cling on to a hope,
    that drifts further away.

    For silence I starve,
    I seek darkness too..
    My mistakes scars me still,
    for every right I do.

    I refuse love,
    I more prefer to hate.
    I choose to remain alone,
    so no one controls my faith.

    Yes I wont die,
    but I ain't living too.
    so stuck in this islet,
    and there is no rescue.

    //There is this fight, that kills me each day,
    I run from it, yet it finds its way//

    Approaching this way,
    I shall fall before dawn.
    for how can one live,
    when what you lived for is gone.

    Thank you @say_me_krish for reminding me to keep writing :D

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