• _hessa_ 5w

    I was in a hospital
    Standing in a lift
    Thinking the lift is quite fast
    Than the ones I've been in before
    It was just taking a few seconds
    to reach the next floor
    It was 3rd floor and I wanted to go on the 5th
    First 3 floors went down fast
    The next moment I thought
    It's me who is thinking the lift is fast
    Cause I'm happy, I don't have any worries as the patient I'm visiting is in a great condition now
    But what about the people whose dear ones are
    Lying on the beds
    Fighting their life
    Standing on the edge
    Not knowing whether will come
    In the world again or
    Go out leaving everyone and everything
    behind forever..
    I don't think they find the lift fast
    How can they?
    Until they reach the floor they want to
    There would be flashbacks of memories
    With the one
    who would be a memory
    At any moment...
    Memories from years back
    Or maybe minutes back
    With all the thoughts
    Negative or positive
    Playing in the head
    Which have already made to lose some senses
    It's the heavy weight on the heart
    Which makes the lift move slower
    Too slow
    And only a thought 'bout this made my lift move slower