• sirharmony 9w

    A CRY FOR JUSTICE- An elegy to UWA

    The moon stood still
    Stars looked ill
    the night was pale
    Full of untold stories

    It was another night in the sanctuary
    with atmosphere as quiet as the mortuary
    There, I tabled my case before the throne,
    Lord! I read with less understanding

    Then I read with rapt attention
    Wishing in all intention
    To gain wisdom
    just like Solomon

    Then they entered like guests
    Little did I know it was a guise
    Are these guys sent from Heaven?
    Or where they sent out of Heaven

    My cloths flew like kites
    My skin was battered like Christ
    I screamed in pain
    While they moaned in joy

    This is a place of healing
    Yet I feel so much pain
    If this is Gilead
    Then, where is my balm?

    What a scar
    that left me scared
    A necessary end
    yet so unnecessary