• lakrae 5w

    Love you mom and dad

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    Love your father,
    Love your mother
    Because no one in this world
    To love you like your father, mother
    Take care of them
    Like they take care of you
    Make them Happy
    Like they make you happy
    Always support them
    Like they support you
    Make them laugh
    Like they make you laugh
    Fulfill their needs
    As they fullfiled your needs
    Weep their tears
    As they weep yours
    Hugged when they are afraid
    As they hugged when you are afraid
    Keep them in your house
    As they kept you in their home
    Keep them near you
    Don't sent them old age home when they are old
    As they don't send you on orphanage
    Keep them always in your heart
    As they kept you in their heart forever.