• josseph 5w

    First love.

    Hey love,

    Is it okay to adress you that. Even though i wasn't, you certainly were mine. My first love. You have empashished a lot of times how first love won't last and I've always opossed. But you were right. It didn't for me. May be finding first love as later as i entered into my adulthood made me believe that this will. But boy was i wrong. I fell for your lies and sugar coated words. You made me feel like we had something real. The day we broke up, i was so broken and believed you felt sad too. But i was shocked to see your open letter to your favourite movie star and how much you fantasize him. I wondered if you gave half the importance to someone who was right in front of you, If you saw me at all. Every break up is hard for one out of the two. And in our case it was me. When we first me, you were recovering from a break up. You told me you know how hard a break up is. But did you think about me in our case? Wasn't i there when you needed me? You made me a part of all your lows, and I've supported you through everything. But was i actually part of any of your happiness? It's clear to me now that i wasn't. You left me when i really needed you. When i was going through my worst days. But sure yeah, I'm a guy. I'm not supposed to have feelings. I'm not supposed to feel sad or lonely. I could only wish i had a shoulder to cry my heart out. But till then, I'll move forward. With the scars and the big lesson you taught me. Every notification made me gush with joy, till i realized i was waiting for a notification that never came. You blocked all the ways i could reach you, but if you wanted to, you could've. I'm glad to see you're doing well. Thank you for my first break up and all the memories that i don't want to think about. It certainly changed my outlook on love.

    -Not yours any longer.