• sahilshakeel 5w


    Everything got altered
    That eve begot a new life
    Abruptly each horizon rampaged
    O God! Why I was ravaged

    An untainted lass full of joy
    Used with wanton with utter toy
    Knew nothing of the cruel world
    Her chastity was tarnished sans coy

    Was returning from the institution
    Some wicked men followed with frustration
    They were riveting me with impure gaze
    Aftermath, I wept as the life was full of maze

    They caused scars and envenomed my soul
    Each moment I try to heal but I fail
    The remembrance of araging tempest still ail
    Numbness on brain but tears still hail

    The treacherous eve drowned me at once
    I have been left in shambles from thence
    The folks slay me as I endeavour to oblivate
    That impeded caput never got elate