• rishithakkar 6w


    your hand on my shoulder,
    mine on your waist,
    the peace of having you,
    after all the time i chased.

    your head down,
    and your eyes you close,
    so i don't get to know,
    what your eyes enclose.

    then you look up,
    straight into my eyes,
    and they speak the truth,
    while your lips lies.

    all of a sudden,
    all the voices fade,
    hearts talked,
    and the eyes obeyed.

    everyone around disappears,
    as we get lost in each other,
    drifting somewhere else,
    looking at one another.

    with you in my arms,
    we follow the groove,
    soon it's just you, me and the stars,
    under which we still move.

    everything turns to dust,
    and the sky starts to fall apart,
    you put your head on my chest,
    and listen to the whisper of my beating heart.

    our eyes now closed,
    while we both smile in delight,
    we stay there forever,
    in that everlasting night.