• shreyashidutta_ 23w

    #words #women

    The new wave of change have shaken the ground of society,
    well,the grounds of the male chauvinism have not jolted yet,
    faces have changed,not thoughts,
    myths still have strong hold on minds,
    misogynistic mindset rules,
    travelled to space,
    ruled countries,
    touched the skies,
    still many are forced to be confined in the four walls of the kitchen,
    feet on ground,eyes on skies,
    won battles,with courage,
    the vehicle to destination had wheels of fire,
    broke the boundaries,
    challenged the perceptions,
    yet,somewhere the stagnant spoiled beliefs didn't moved a bit,
    there exist a world beyond marriage and kids,
    that undiscovered world holds a place for us,
    talking about empowerment,not enough,
    needs to get proved through the actions,
    men,oops some women too are splendid in rhetorics,
    those infectious filthy beings needs to go and get a life,
    a woman with ideas,a man with vision,the lethal combination,need of the hour,
    regressive thoughts needs to get uprooted,
    progressive,it seems,
    unfortunately,reality have something else to say,
    wearing the mask of bravery while training the fighter in us,time demands,
    wake up,smile,set goals,conquer,repeat,dear women.