• aaronkins 50w


    I can't start over because I don't know where to start. It all started with you, I knew what it means to live because of you, I looked forward to the next day because I had you. But now, each day feels like a torment.. I relive those moments in my head.. Yes, the ones you made promises you never kept, you told me I was for you and you were for me but right now I am broken, you left me.
    I guess these moments I relive in my head and scenarios I try to imagine where you never left me are all part of being broken. I wanted to follow my dreams, you were my dreams and you still are but without you, I feel lost.. I know you don't feel the same but I would give anything just to hear you say you love me..
    It will take me forever to move on from my first love I thought was true love but if doing this sets me from my prison of thoughts, it's a path worth taking.