• anirockz7 6w

    My first collaboration with this talented writer @saloni_04


    To the times of black and white
    When everything seemed calm
    And all were merry living a life
    As simple as a bird living nest.

    It was
    Not so modern not so tight
    Peace and happiness were the right
    Not much terrorism not much fight.

    I wonder bout the food
    What it's like
    Same old Maggie
    Same old sprite.

    Birds all around
    Flying in glory
    And animals
    Living in peace

    The pure nature across the sphere
    Fishes living, a pollution free being
    The sun and moon smiling and clouds embracing
    The cleansed winds over the trees and oceans.

    My guardians childhood were in my sight
    No t. V. No games, they were flying a kite
    They slept on terrace stargazing at night
    Woke up so early praying to all might.

    So calm so beautiful were the old times
    To look back and see today
    As an evolved but a greed over nature
    And nostalgic about memories incomparable to the times of today.

    Brick by brick �� buildings took a rise
    So came inflation it affected the price
    More hard work digested some rice
    Temper got high with some extra stress spice.

    My wish then jumped to see vintage cars
    Saw some legends some old superstars
    Science was booming so was innovation
    Another went down and that was education.

    -saloni_04 & anirockz7

    Thank you @writersnetwork for the kind repost ��

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