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    The word 'smell ' reminds me of the the smell of my worn out four walls where I used to hide In The Shadow of my tears when my soft emotions were played by the wicked hands of society and the bliss of pain used to shower from my window lids . I used to take a shelter under the ceiling of isolation questioning the presence of my mere existence and how it can affect mortals . I rather questioned perpetually but got no answers in return just water dripping in wrapped with shattered feelings . I was so dumb that I used to have long conversations with those four walls locked in a black room asking them what was wrong on my part . Sitting in one corner , letting that rain fall down I had hallucinations of the mental pain that the society has gifted me in return of my innocent disposition. Those stalwart words of negativity used to play Hide and Seek with my weak emotions . It was so hard for me to resist those tears while sitting in front of those Humanity Spoilers . It was just like a royal king enraged when his countrymen were beaten mercilessly without any reason . The moment I was close enough stepping towards my soothing smell my bashed heart started collecting its small pieces and repairing itself with echoing voices of my screaming silence coming out of my mouth . I never disturbed them then who on earth gave them the Monopoly right to torture me not physically but mentally and I guess that neurological torture is quite enough to break all the strings of your feelings and leave you Breathless . Their dirty footprints blackened my white floor of emotions with deep blots . Then standing stiff like a mountain in front of my mirror hazying its surface with the tales my tears narrated looking at myself as a strong pillar but gradually breaking down on remembering the past happenings . I recollected my strength somehow and got up and all of a sudden .....

    Will be continued
    Do tell me whether u loved it or not
    Just random thoughts .����

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    Smell of my worn out walls

    The word 'smell ' reminds
    me of the the smell
    of my worn out
    four walls where
    I used to hide
    In The Shadow
    of my tears