• _prateekk_ 6w

    Boy in the mirror

    Boy in the mirror is just like you,
    He too has gone through heart breaks,
    He has lost his innocence to the one he loved.
    His tears are locked in the mirror,
    He is quiet because his voice is shut,
    He only understands the language of silence and signs,
    Like you his heart is broken into two one for dearly departed and other for dearly devoted,
    His tears are locked,
    No one can save him,
    He craves for attention,
    He has no name,
    He is known as boy in the mirror,
    His dreams are shattered,
    His screams are locked,
    He has no voice,
    He has no identity,
    He is known as boy in the mirror,
    He is confused,
    He is blind about his path,
    He is the boy in the mirror.