• dandelion_drafts 5w


    Mrs Lawrence woke up early and took the bath first before everyoneo in the home.
    She wore light colors clothes only to irritate Mr Lawrence.
    She tied her hair tightly in the bun and applied a dark layer of kajal beneath her eyes.
    Instead, of preparing tea for two she made tea only for her and took it to the balcony with her.
    She told her children to eat something and gave Amy 20 rupees to buy something for her siblings.
    Whole day she bangs the utensils now and then looking at watch again and again.
    Everyone except Mr Lawrence understood her agony behind her behavior.
    Children tried to give hint to their father that's it mother birthday.
    But, Mr Lawrence ignored it like he ignored every other thing from today's event.
    He quickly eats his lunch and went for a nap.
    After the nap Mr Lawrence went to kitchen and told Mrs Lawrence to make some good dinner as some of his friends will be joining us today.
    Mrs Lawrence with a lot of anger bang the pan on his head.
    Mr Lawrence was declared death after excat an hour later.
    Mrs Lawrence didn't shed a tear as she was still angry.
    Exactly before Mr Lawrence possession starts a delivery came on the door.
    Amy hand over the delivery to Mrs Lawrence.
    Mrs Lawrence opened and saw a beautiful diamond necklace with a note, ,'Happy birthday' - James Lawrence.
    Mrs Lawrence smiled and wore the necklace to the possession of Mr Lawrence.
    She showed her necklace with proud to everyone who came to meet her. Everyone cried over Mrs Lawrence state.
    But, Mrs Lawrence smiled all the day as it was her 'Happy Birthday' indeed...