• soulwriters 6w

    As the Moon, Disappears.

    The tree in my neighborhood, whistling through its leaves,
    Tires rubbing against roads, somewhere faraway,
    The chilling wind, singing right in my ears,
    Yet this silence in the AMs of a city not so busy,
    Reminds me of how Beautiful would it be if you were here.
    I wonder what I want, would it ever really happen?
    Just a little talk, Oh or maybe a long late night walk?
    Pure and simple, I expect no romantic kissing,
    Hands in hands, you and me, just talking while we walk along.
    For once I wish to feel your presence again,
    And to remind you I'll always be there,
    To spend just one night together with open eyes,
    And smile at each other as the sun rises,
    And the Moon, Disappears.