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    Ignoble : not honourable in character or purpose.
    Never let yourself down if people aren't accepting you the way you are. Walk your own way.
    The right people will accept you.
    People are not honourable as they judge and laugh as other's disabilities.
    Be You!

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    Ignoble word brought people in mind
    Some circumstances stressed bind
    Them lacking of maturity deadass combined

    Sometimes feels like this was my fault
    Cause i tried insensitive ones to connect bond
    Their behaviour not worth of anything
    Sometimes known mostly acting worse

    Shut mouth and moving away from them
    Tried lot but they were headstrong Magnets
    Decent wasn't the thing about them

    Turned myself into crafty friend for them
    Convincing them that i do exist
    But learned that didn't matter to them

    Using people for own purpose
    Only they worked on
    I was deteriorating confidence
    I wasn't growing on!

    Ignoblers lived with sordid minds and action
    Learnt themselves living life twined perplexion!
    But still made me confused what's their level in my life
    Friends or good for their purpose?, blind and ignoble situation.