• zions_jewel 11w

    By unknown writer

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    You gave it all it required
    Focus, determination, consistency
    And yes, you put in your very best
    You even stuck so closely to the formula
    But that now has favourites or so it seems

    You watched that business grow
    Expecting a dividend from all the work you've done
    But all that effort is now in the drain
    Alongside the business

    Hey, it's heart breaking I know
    But to define your life
    By a one-time event is to abuse your being

    You can cry if you need to
    Loosen your shoulders
    Take away the pressure and start over

    And yes, there's no guarantee
    that the next one would be a success
    There will be highs and lows and that's life
    But just know that
    You're growing in more than a thousand ways
    You may know nothing about.