• jmukti 51w

    Every girl should know this,not all guys who are supportive and caring are prince charming,that maybe a mask. life is not a fairy tale it is reality so don't trust everyone with a angel face...
    Keep your self-esteem and respect high and intact; otherwise you are in for heartbreak. You are risking yourselves if you make yourselves readily available to every Tom, Dick or Harry out there.
    So girls chose wisely❤️

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    Dear girls,

    The truth is,boys aren't the princes the fairy tales make them out to be.
    The frog's still a frog even if you make out with them.
    Beasts don't change for beauties.
    And the glass slipper you're waiting for probably ended up on a prostitute.
    Face it girls there are no prince charming
    Just charmers with some ugly intentions.