• noohvez 10w

    How happy I have been since you met me, I can't tell you. Before it, my spirit was not relaxed, my eyes cried all the time, there was no happiness, I wanted to get rid of this world. I showed the world very strong, But actually I was not. But since you have met all the wounds are healing. Smiles come all the time and tears come happily now. My all unwanted, unrooted and terrible fears are ending alhamdullilah and all credit goes to you because you're putting so much efforts. My life is returning to the track of happiness. Ever since you met, I fell in love with myself. Jaan, you're my healer ❤️. Now, I want to live with you till the last breath of my life. Seeing the smile on your face makes my day. It is your smile that helps me to fight my fears. I want to see your smile whole life and want to be the reason for this smile. I never want anything from you except your love, some attention and bit care. I have got everything since you met. Now, I don't need a single day without you. Now, my last wish is you .... I want to die in your arms. Whatever life is left I just want to live with you.
    I love you insanely ♥️❤️
    I love you unconditionally
    I'm mad for you
    I'm fond of your smile and your melodious voice.
    I can't live without you.
    I love you more than anything.
    I just want to see u happy.
    Listen, I want to be your last love.❤️
    Please never bring someone between us.