• bipolar_ink 6w

    I don't know Why,
    I'm Introvert , I'm Shy
    I'm alone inside
    Trying to hide ,
    To hide the Pain
    The Eyes that Rain
    The words unsaid
    Investing in People, Unpaid
    Fades smiles,
    Searching ways , Moving miles
    Living in a Grace
    With a steady Pace
    Bipolar mood
    Every second Kind and Rude
    Silently Crying,
    But I'm Trying
    Trying to Control
    The Tears that Fall
    Without a reason
    Persistent Every Season
    The feelings that rise
    Just like a Price
    I'm different, I Overthink
    Hallucinating, Without Drink
    Overall, I need a space
    I want Freedom
    Freedom from the Prison
    The prison of Negetivity
    Be with me, Show Some Pity
    Trust me, "Not all are same"
    Believe in my Words, Say my Name
    You are the only thing
    All the happiness , Which Bring
    Which makes me Feel "Me"
    I need You like a Drug
    That Relaxes me while weeping
    Everything is Permanent,
    Just a matter of keeping
    Dear, It's Just a Matter of Keeping