• hewrites 10w

    You to me

    My spirit grows heavy
    In your coming
    Make straight the path

    I know you are coming
    And the times are becoming scary
    Who am to bare?
    I am no one my Lord

    Part of me is screaming I can't do this
    And that is the truth. I can't do this without you. Take me away.

    I can see you clearly
    You are fast approaching
    This is where you led me

    You give me the words
    This gift from you
    For a time such as this
    Don't leave me behind

    I know all the things are pointless
    If there is no love. Fill me up.
    I just want to be used by you
    I am waiting here

    In your truth I am set free
    Your death is a blessing
    I did not deserve
    Please wash over me