• ciara1 6w

    Voodoo In The Hood Part 3

    Cogart (gets up and opens the door):

    Detective Roger: You by it?

    Cogart: I don't by it one bit, and the DA for hell sure isn't going to by some voodoo doll cult crap. I think she and her aunt had something to do with their family's death. What did you get out of her aunt?

    Roger: Her story is the same as hers, we gonna have to keep them in the hole for a while.

    Cogar (nods his head): let me get her. (Entering back in the room). If you don't confess what really happened, you and your aunt is going to prison for a very long time.

    Tiara: Fuck this shit, I need my lawyer, go get her.

    Cogart: We will get you your lawyer tomorrow.