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    Now that we are miles apart, I am turning out to be insecured without you. Now that we are not together to hug and solve our fights, days without talking to you seems so long, the sun would be tired of shining. The long for your distinctive touch, one that gives me goosebumps even though it's the 999th time our bodies met, can only be the one to give me back my peace of mind. Your hands are the only ones who can slow down my fast beating heart and restless mind. How I miss the ecstasy of your touch! How I miss your comforting lap! How I miss your shoulders to lean on! It's like, we both are in different worlds, divided by distance and time so much, it would take years for us to meet or perhaps never. It's good to have mobiles to video chat and all but how would they understand that what soothes me is your nudges and scent but those are the things which are leaving me to crave alone and alone and alone. How would they understand that in this time of great confusion and sufferings, you are my solace... How would they understand that in this time of social distancing, all I want is to breathe your breath and be so close to you, I can feel your soul...

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    How would they understand?