• pj_animation 5w

    We enjoyed while it last
    For we never knew the last
    And never dwelt in all that past
    With the forever quenching of thisrt
    And of laughter we used to burst
    For together we learnt to trust
    The negative away to thrust
    Now a dream at its last

    Taken are the best
    After caring for the rest
    At the stop of the beating chest
    To talk once again I reach for the crest
    Now I slowly do follow the print of your steps
    To face the void of my unextinguished lest
    Slowly by the leaps of the little haste
    As down your sun finally rests
    And caging my craving beast
    Uncaving my little best
    Now a dream at last

    To you I dedicate
    As this to you I write
    Your final piece of art
    As well you played the part
    A role in my life when we met at start

    It is never a goodbye but rest well my dear friend until we meet again.

    @kin_jo @colourfulgreys @_gonewild #mirakee

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    To my loved brother and mentor. Always you will be at our hearts and forever through the art.