• jarianne 45w

    A daughters POV

    You were suppose to show me love
    Instead I felt abandonment and confusion.
    You showed me how love could be manipulated into control and getting what you wanted .
    You were suppose to make me feel safe.
    Instead I felt fear and panic in your presence. Your drug and alcohol induced alter ego forced me to keep my eyes wide open at night and fear every sound.
    You were suppose to show me how a man should treat a woman .
    Instead you showed me how easy it was to break a woman down , how a raised first could scare her into giving in , and how easy it was to take advantage of her love while you started sneaking around with another victim .
    You were suppose to be there .
    Instead you just left me without a word . You claimed to love me but you are such a good actor . How could I believe you ?
    You apologized and I forgave you.
    You asked to speak
    I told you to give me time .
    How can I learn how to be a daughter if my own father was always a stranger ?