• living_through_words 5w

    I want to write a love poem

    I want to write a love poem,
    But my love is broken.
    It's not the kind of broken you get from overuse, though it has been worn out. It's more like the broken you get when you let someone borrow something only to ask it back and get a sorry instead.

    You see, my love has been given freely and instead of passing it back and forth like a ball in a gym, it's been like bread in a communion plate where everyone takes what they need then passes it to the next person, so that by the time it gets back to me the plate is empty.

    I guess my love is like a forgotten rug. What once had a beautiful design was walked and trodden on then put away one day instead of cleaned. Now it sits unused in an attic collecting dust, and even if you pulled it down and cleaned it off it would never be the same again.

    My love is like your new favorite song.
    At first you can't get enough of it, but then you play the hell out of it and it starts to get old really fast until you can't listen to it anymore.

    My love is a car with low mileage that was covered up in a barn for a few decades. What once was stunning has become weathered by the changing elements and now the cost to make it run is weighed against its value and come up short.

    My love is the old dog at the adoption center. It wandered in as a puppy, beaten and scarred from abuse, and it was cared for, for a short time, but never adopted. Now it sits waiting for the end as it watches other healthy puppies find homes all around it.

    I guess what I am trying to say is that I use to know what love was, or at least I thought I did. Now I am not soo sure. I'm not even sure if my heart is salvageable at this point.
    All I know is I want to write a love poem, but my love is broken...