• ndaambejonas 4w

    I have always believed in love ,
    I have always dreamt of love
    I hoped to find love
    I prayed to find My One
    But time wasn't on my side
    And I lost hope
    Two decades passed by
    And I wasn't sure anymore
    I gave up on My One
    I hated life because I was lonely
    Where could My One be?
    Does he even exist?
    I questioned God.
    The thoughts of love faded,
    and I was sinking in depression
    Little I knew that
    My one was out there
    How I wished to meet him!
    Eight years later,
    I developed some hopes
    I felt his presence
    Yet he wasn't there
    Is My One here?
    How far is he?
    I questioned God.
    Like a blink of an eye,
    A "hi" text changed my life
    Slowly but surely
    Two people, two stranger became connected
    How crazy is this world
    That My One lived on the
    Other side of the planet?
    How crazy in this world
    That God matched me with
    A complete stranger?
    Yet we felt like One
    He is my other half
    He is My One!
    Let me tell you the truth
    I knew it from the start
    That he was My One
    I have learned to love him more
    More than I ever thought possible
    His presence brought peace
    His love penetrated within my heart
    And I still call him My One

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