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    Smile because its contagious ������

    Today I am here to sell some smiles in return I need your smiling faces. If I can bring that beautiful curve that makes everything right I will be thankful of the life. Almost in 7 days I visit hospital with dad I sell smile to all people suffering and not able to go home. To workers who are working with smile without expecting a smile in return, you don't know how people are suffering that your one smile might not make anything right but it can help somebody to drag through a bad day. Because this curve is really strong��

    Smiles + frown = smiles ����
    I know life is tough
    I know studying is tough
    I know competitions out their is tough
    I know you are suffering from something or other
    I know you are alone fighting everyday
    I know you are not well
    I know boss was little rough today
    I know you are not having a good day
    Not every day is a good day
    But so what

    We can Say
    Make You is
    It What it day
    A day worth All
    Smiley Crying

    I know its not perfect but its like your smile which seems fake why are you afraid to smile is this a crime to smile on a bad day??
    Your problems won't go after you will smile but it will give you strength to fight with them giving a light of new day.

    Kya hua jo shayad zindagi mai mujhe sabkuch nhi mila
    Shayad usko bhi hoga kuch din baad iska gila��
    Kya hua jo mujhe humesha apno ka saath nahi mila
    Jab bhi mila humnai har pal milkar jiya��
    Kya hua jo kuch khawisye ab bhi adhoori hai
    Janab jara muskurayi bus ab thodi hi doori hai��
    Kya hua jo meri ab bhi manzil aur mujhme duri h
    Aaj nhi to kal khatam honi hi yeh mazboori h��
    Kya hua jo meri muskille aaj kuch zyada h
    Arey thehro zindagi ka bhi apana anokha rasta h��
    Kya hua jo aaj meri jeb kuch kali si hai
    Par meri khusiya aaj bhi uski mohtaaj nhi h��
    Kya hua jo aaj mujhe phir daat padi h
    Arey janab thehriye kal phir aapki hi haazari h��
    Kya hua jo aaj phir halato mai kuch majburi hai
    Ho sakata h kuch khusiya aapse bhi bikhri hai��
    Kya hua jo mohbbat dur ho gyi mujhsai
    Jo pal saath the aaj bhi saas lete h mujhmai��
    Kya hua jo aaj meri zindagi kuch naraj hai mujhsai
    Ab to muskura dijiye janab bina smile aapki photo bhi adhoori hai��

    Not for likes not for dislikes some posts are from heart that want to make every body smile.
    Smile because you are with you
    Smile because you love yourself
    Smile because you have a family
    Smile because its a new love story
    Smile because its not a end
    Smile because its beautiful
    Smile because its contagious ������

    Project a smile travel a mile a curve to make your problems light.
    Plz smile.

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    Smile because aaj babu nai thana tha liya aaj