• dhroovnanda 5w

    Time is money!

    24 hours a day; that is 1,440 minutes a day; that is 86,400 seconds a day. Does this figure not look great? It indeed does, but how this figure is utilised is disheartening to see. With the evolution of the world, time has lost it's importance and is not utilised as religiously as it should be. Time is money! Time is priceless! Nothing can replace time. What's gone cannot come back. Time is irreversible and a giver of opportunities.
    If 24 hours seem enough to you, then you are definitely on an undesirable path. On the other hand, if 24 hours seem less for a day then undoubtedly that is the correct path to trail.
    Do not let time lose it's reverence and start valuing it to it's deserving extent because this value is the only difference between a 30k job holder and a true millionaire! Think about it. Cheers!