• tysen_18 6w


    When all your efforts goes in vain.
    When you are always mistaken.
    It's better to listen!

    Listen what your heart is trying to tell,
    Can explain why the joy you felt all of a sudden.
    Listen what you want to hear! And not what you are hearing.
    Listen and live free from all the fear... And you are not sharing.

    Taking a step further, towards your goals,
    Making you believe that you stand for!
    Jump up and down with joy
    It's time to show the excitement and enjoy!

    Trust is a major curse, if the person is not real
    But a boon if he proves to be good.
    Believe me you can achieve what you want!
    Just be desparate enough!

    When all efforts are in vain, and you are mistaken,
    Make sure you finish the game!