• tanvii__ 5w

    Let’s talk about a guy, a guy who reminded her how butterflies in stomach feels like, who made her put all her guards down, who made her believe in fairy tales. For her, he was everything she ever wanted, he made her giggle on the days when she doesn’t even wanted to smile, who taught her to let go everything that bothers her without having the fear of what will people say . His calmness engulfed all the chaos that was inside her. He made her realize that the deadly chaos that she holds inside her is not meant to be kept inside but to let all out to bloom. He turned her every negative ion into positive one. She tried so hard to not fall in love , because she carried scars like loaded gun and she would never want a pure soul like him to be engulfed by her scars. For her, he was too precious and she was terrified to lose him. He is her peace, her sun on a dark, gloomy day.
    But after every precautions and trying hard to not fall for him, she did, and she fell for him hard that it is nearly impossible for her to come back now. Her every thought starts with him and ends with him. He has acquired a rent free space in her heart, a place whom she calls her peace. Her Home, to which she returns every night to calm herself as it has been ages that she has finally found her home. She wants to scream “I love You” out loud, she wants to tell this to the world that what does he meant to her, she wants to tell him that she loves him, adores every bit of him, but, she cannot, she never will, she is too afraid to find the answer because to her he is perfect but for him she is like a Grenade who’ll burst anytime and take everything with her but above all she is afraid to be broken again. Because, this time, the black hole inside her will engulf her completely, not leaving about of her. So, she’ll just keep adoring, loving him from afar.
    Though she started believing in fairy tales but the concept of Happy Ending is still very far!

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