• xhammielincoln 6w

    To Whom the Bell Tolls

    Our taxes and money
    Are to be used to build roads and schools
    The Government turned it to a weapon
    For killing the youth
    We dying everyday like we have no roots
    The Government using me and YOU

    We demanded justice and peace
    To our Nation; Nigeria we hail thee
    We spoke our hearts, said we didn't want the bad acts
    We pleaded with the Leaders
    Our brothers and our sisters
    We carried the labour of our Heroes past
    The Government didn't let that pass

    We got shot like chickens with no poultry
    Our rights and Just were considered misery
    We spoke in one voice, we made only one choice
    Freedom! Freedom!! Freedom!!! Was all we wanted;
    Our blood was all they shed.

    Oh God of creation
    Protect our noble cause
    Our leaders have been misguided
    Our youth finally found the truth

    We promised the oath to serve our father land
    In love and strength and faith
    The labour of our Heroes past
    Will never be in vain
    To serve with heart and might
    One Nation bound in freedom
    Peace and Unity...