• zenith_ 5w

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    Past few steps
    I took down the aisle
    Turning pages to stones
    I lost words to epitaphs
    Barely alive
    My body has lost
    Reasons to be surviving anymore
    They see me living
    They don't realise I'm struggling
    Some put to realism
    Some put to smiles
    Happiness was lost among stars
    And so I see
    You'd never really know
    How bad can we be
    And beautifully broken yet
    People would find love
    But care less about giving love
    Trust me for reasons
    I dare you to forget me, un-love me
    I'll sit here and you'll wonder
    How I missed the train
    The tracks aren't mine
    And paths lead me nowhere
    Composed of walls
    I'm restrained to floor
    Chains are locked
    And I kill myself every second
    To live a little

    They say I cry for reasons
    We know are dumb
    I try to climb down
    The river - I used to swim earlier
    The stone struck me up
    Waves came crashing
    How long d'you wait for
    Before entering infinity?
    Although the loop encircles me
    I lost the beginning
    To cry over past
    I've not yet painted a picture
    You stay close
    I beg to get out of room
    Your presence kills me
    And absence murders me
    I cling to hope
    And drown to hopelessness
    Treat me with sanity
    I might lose insanity
    What good it is
    To un-love and define love
    All on same path
    I go astray
    Awry of love
    Being carefree
    I lose words
    Out of illness,