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    Can't exactly say, how long it lasted. Not even how the feelings tasted...swt, sour or bitter or tasteless like water. strong, soft or toxic I couldn't know although it sticked to my tongue for quite a longer period of time. Of course, I was with all my senses. Body and mind fully engrossed at whatever I was doing, like proper meditation, pouring all my heart into my present job.

    Cretain feeling it was, the feeling of that very moments when we were doing it.

    A kiss, my first kiss, our first celebration of togetherness.

    Like everyone share their share of experience, for me it was no exception. To be more precise from the point of description of a writer, I was on a different land not knowing hell or heaven. The soul was urging to stopright there, where I had always been a stranger, still making thousand pleas to settle down with all my belongings.

    My god! I was at a fix.
    You know! more I wanted to behave amateurish, more he was testing my expertise.
    "Ahh....tough tough tougher for the first attempt."
    "Lemme break first as he won't", I better know, sense brought me back into conscious.

    Still the hangover was somehow very much stronger and was not ready to get over me.
    Tick tock tick tick tick tock tik...opss whole of 20 more seconds had passed. It was not like, I was not enjoying or he was taking advantage of mine.

    No, I didn't. I couldn't.
    It was him. It was Aalap who broke the hug first.

    Can't express, how embarrassed i was feeling right at that moment. The inner me was shouting upon me slot, whore, despo, bitch and every that slang I had hadly used in life.
    Despo!!!no way I am. It was perfectly normal, like whatever.
    whatever just now happened between Aalap and me.

    "Nishi! shall I drop u at home? breaking the awkward silence of 5 more minutes he asked, when I was patting my mind.

    "No, I will manage. see you. B-bye", I uttered in one go.

    Yeah! not even I bid him bye in a proper way. Literally I had uttered. Not pretty much sure if he got my words or not.
    "Yup", i said without forgetting to put a big fake smile on face.

    Wait, wait, wait! fake just doesn't mean here that I wasn't happy. I was. May be, more than him too. But again, at that instant, I was more confused than happy. So, fake. otherwise, all ok.

    (To be continued..)

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