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    When you think of the word,"Hello", what crosses your mind? Some would say that "hello" was a start of a new friendship, a kind gesture, and to others it even reminds them of Adele. Hello. A simple common word said by people everywhere every day. The thing is , how does someone like me.. say hello? As long as I could remember, I loved meeting new people. I would smile and try to touch as many lives as I could. Rather that's by helping the elderly lady with groceries, or babysitting for the widow next store, and maybe pick up a toy that a toddler dropped in a store. That was me, Rhea. I wanted to be remembered. I never want to be forgotten. Therefore, how does someone like me even grasp a hold of the essence of "hello" when every single person that I've ever loved or embraced, have said "goodbye." So, I'm petrified of meeting new people. For "hello"is the beginning of "goodbye."
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    How do I say "hello", if all I know is "goodbye."