• sidated__ 9w

    Chase Maze

    Feel like you’re constantly pining after someone who is just out of your reach?

    You’re chasing and chasing, yet they never seem to let you in. Sometimes you think you’re close to being with them, then out of the blue – it’s all pulled from under your feet.

    You’re fighting for their attention, their time, their love.
    You pretend you’re cool with it all – but in actuality, you’d drop everything for them at the drop of a hat.
    Stop chasing.
    Stop chasing someone who clearly doesn’t want you.
    Stop fighting, stop wanting, stop wasting your time, stop giving your energy to someone who ultimately doesn’t care.
    Because you are worth everything, and if someone is willing to walk away – then you deserve more.
    Don’t chase the wrong person for you, because the right person won’t run to begin with.
    The right person will be your partner, your best friend. The right person won’t play games or never let you know where you stand.
    The right person won’t leave you unable to figure out how they feel about you.
    Never accept feeling like second best, or another option, or a last resort.
    If you feel like you’re not factored in, not prioritised, not informed, why is this? Are you chasing love from someone who has something else planned for their life?
    Plans which don’t include you?
    You are beautiful, brave and strong.
    Be strong enough to stop the disappointment.
    Be brave enough to demand more from someone.
    But remember to remain beautiful and kind in the energy which you show people.