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    I think this is all the dreams that are still working and none of us are even close to the reality,
    How can I supposed to hold you if you are not even closer to my heart ?
    It's not just a feeling that separates us from being apart it's more than that
    We will never get close if we can't understand how it goes or how it lasts.
    At the end of the day we all are supposed to get some peace , and we all are tired in this long journey of life and we deserve a break from these things.
    Believe it or just go through it but it will never look as it was before,
    Things have changed and are changing quite quickly, we should be well aware to cope up with those changes in order to make ourselves stronger and better.

    I still can't think of you while the picture of us is flashing again and again , it's not just you or me it's us together ,
    The least I could do is to make you happy and make your life beautiful by holding you back all the time and being With you.
    We all need love and we all need that one person who is just everything for us. Sometimes it's hard to keep the loved ones but we cannot afford to lose them , we aren't supposed to lose them either.
    We never knew what destiny has planned for us, so it's just the fate let it happen, let it be and let it end.

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    Am I supposed to hold you ?