• rebeljones777 10w


    Through the woods I walk
    As I follow the sound of The Devil's Trill in G Minor.
    (My favorite sonata)...

    It plays far off yet all around from beyond the thinning sheets,
    beyond the rising veil,
    beyond the reality we normally see...

    "I ask no favors Devil, so leave me be!"

    Yet the sounds of midnight haunt the atmosphere that surrounds me.

    The crackling of
    breaking tree branches
    crashing hard
    into the Earth
    sending smashing echos
    throughout the woods
    I walk as
    music plays for me
    I think...

    Not sure of much anymore
    for the music I walk towards
    Has entranced my mind,
    thus changing
    the original direction
    of my drive...

    A clawing from inside my head,
    there's something in there that wishes to get out!

    These woods I walk,
    This music I seem
    to mindlessly follow...

    I open my mouth to scream out for help, but no sound comes out!
    Yet the music plays, and plays and plays evermore but unheard by anyone else...