• asphodel_ 5w

    It was 8:30 in the morning when the incense slipping through the fissure of curtains scintillated the bruises on her face. Her eyes perceived the glittering sun in the darkness of the room craving to dwell with the veracity of her life. Her eyes stuck to the cell on the floor, maybe she was waiting for someone to make vibrations over the vole.

    She could retaliate for her miseries, the world is so big to fall in love again and fit into conjecture of an stranger again. Still she chose to wait for him. This could be her stupidity but she call it love. She invoke everyone to ponder, what if,
    the last night you were alive with him and not just a pillow. Where it was all love and red rose. When he worshipped all your crevices and kissed the beauty of your soul instead of calling your physical appearance hot.
    When he swayed you back and forth embracing close to his chest instead of grabbing your ass.
    When he knew something is upto you and bugged you until you bled all out.
    When you left his eyes embracing you, unnoticed and blush for an untold promise.
    When he swung your hand back and forth cause it may ask a smile to warmth your lips, and he knew more than you could do to yourself.
    It was all love, so pure and innocent where you were you and nobody else.
    But the next morning you realize you are dead.
    Yaa, it all ended for something silly, leaving you under an uncanny dream.
    Could you love someone the same way again?

    She draped herself under the hollow memories, for she believe, perpetuity isn't a myth. Nevertheless they long to be together again but once a love is a forever remark. Be it sooth or an illusion, it will never pave a way out of your heart.
    She covered the cracks of the curtains to never face the resin and returns back to the nightmare which is a now a part of her daily attire.
    A music flung out of her room
    //kuch to log khenge
    Logo ka Kaam h kehna//
    A satiric smile altered the atmosphere and she stood under the shower to sparkle the bruises over, cause they are the jewel where she indwell her love !! failed love !! ,for her soul is more of black.



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