• bonitasarahbabu 11w

    #coffeec #dazzlec

    You were told
    That the way to be on my good side
    Was through coffee.
    You didn't believe it,
    And your language and behavior
    It got on my last nerve.
    My words stopped you in your place,
    My actions made you do a double take
    And you understood that you messed up.
    You came with coffee,
    And as you offered it,
    I took a better look at you.
    The cup of coffee was a peace offering
    You had a sheepish look
    And that dazzled me.
    I was attracted to you
    It grew the longer we worked together
    And it led to moments of silliness.
    I wish coffee could solve our problems,
    But I know that it will not,
    So, I just think of you whenever I drink coffee.
    I miss you,
    I miss our friendship,
    And I miss everything about you.
    Such is life,
    This is my mantra now,
    This is the only way I stay in control of my emotions.

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