• irahnash 22w

    This is the second part of my tripart poetry series. The first part can be found at #three_loves_dream
    With lots of love ♥️

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    The Alchemy of love

    How many seasons have come and gone!
    The Alchemist wandered day and night,
    to find his love, his own gold.
    Deluded by this love,
    his days became desolate.
    And now he has strayed far from his quest.
    The quest to find the centre of his heart.

    It was then she came,
    riding on the desert winds.
    Her eyes, darker than a starless night.
    And even the dragons hide,
    could not stand her gaze.
    Her face was veiled by a mystic smile.
    She danced with me; like a mirage!
    Together we sang love songs of the old,
    as her sweet voice filled my soul with hope.
    And in her eyes, I saw my quest again.

    I am the Alchemist.
    And I read the only lesson of alchemy,
    from her eyes.
    An Alchemist does not change lead to gold,
    but he finds the gold in everything around.

    She was incomplete,
    like every beautiful dream.
    Though, she was the perfection,
    which filled this incomplete world.
    And this incomplete dream,
    taught me the alchemy of love!

    (to be continued)