• ciara1 5w

    Voodoo In The Hood Part 2

    Tiara: It's boodoo, but anyway, it was a ugly lil muthafucka, smiling at us with it's dark eyes, like it didn't care. Cassandra saw it too, you could hear her out, that's my witness.

    Cogart: The correct pronunciation is voodoo doll.

    Tiara: No, thats what we call it in the hood. Maybe that's how y'all white folks pronounce it, but in the hood in Brooklyn, we black folks call it boodoo. Like I was saying, Cassandra is my witness to this story, man.

    The cult

    Lucy: Good evening my boys.

    Audience: Good evening Lucy.

    Lucy: What we call ourselves?

    Audience: Brotherhood of Darkness.

    Lucy: Let us get our Bibles. Remember pain is gain, darkness is light, and madness is what?

    Audience: our sanity.

    Lucy: Madness is our sanity, good boys.


    (A knock on the door)