• kjumai 6w

    Hyperventilation filled the room.
    Mixed with deep shallow breaths.
    As she struggled to call out his name,
    Wanting to take the next step,
    She fell off.
    Off the platform.
    Off the geosphere.
    Through the whiff of air.
    Is she falling or is she ascending?
    The chair's right above me
    And still is beneath me.
    Have I wandered through time?
    She quivered.
    Having woken up from her sleep apnea.
    "Jo..oh". She struggled to call on him again.
    Finally words came out.
    The puff took it.
    Playing yoyo through its echoes
    She swam through the waters.
    Flew in the dark skies.
    I called out his name.
    Was I loud?
    I couldn't even hear me
    In this enclosed jail-like vacuum.
    "John". "John".
    I mumbled still.
    Addled, I tilted my head.
    What's she doing?
    Does she want to tell me something?
    She keeps waving her hand at me.
    Like she's wanting to warn me of something.
    My voice traveled but got jammed in the airlessness.
    I still mumbled.
    Fear filled her face.
    Deep, deep, deep, she breathed.
    Hypoventilated she felt.
    Stuck in time...
    She saw...
    "Argh". I yelled in my mumbles.
    "John", who she has been calling, muttering,
    Intended harming me.
    In split seconds,
    There I was.
    In the highest degree of disorientation,
    Like twilights.
    Like bubbles pierced by children.
    Was my last seen.
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    Finally, words came out,