• george_v_joseph 23w

    Date: 13th June
    Subject: 13 year old
    The Anatomy of Pain (reason why pain exists)
    #random #coincidence #rhymesalot

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    The Anatomy of Pain

    Pain is meant to be felt,
    the 13 year old boy finds it hard to tell.
    Pain demands to be felt
    As his heart of ice may never melt.
    It is beyond our understanding
    And beyond the call for help.
    Maybe all we ever did was lack to understand it.
    Maybe if we tried to get it's meaning,
    we would try to reprimand it.
    And feel nothing as we would fail to ever mind it.
    Regardless though, One thing is certain...
    God doesn't feel no pain, only joy.
    So does this mean as our lives get destroyed
    And as misery seeps through our hidden scars,
    Does it please Him and leave Him overjoyed.
    Or Maybe pain is just an ill ploy deployed
    To make words ponder about
    the portions in the rhyme of a coy 13 year old boy.
    To make us wonder about
    the questions in the mind of a coy 13 year old boy.