• ritvik_tuteja 6w

    The Ambitious Womanpreneur

    A rich personality does she depict
    Of a lady bound to be perfect in success
    Her self introductory speech is par excellence
    The fine stylist, fashion designer & image consultant
    A style exceptional she prepossesses.
    In other's appearance, aspiring to make a difference
    Her first impression is pivotal,
    Driven towards providing the best solution

    A perfect business mind, a relentless entrepreneur
    She's the proud owner & founder of Tenuer
    An organization sighting to design your image
    Analyzing wardrobes, styling garments as an investment
    Her clients admire her dedication & passion
    Attentive when she speaks, are they grooming
    The appraisal received from a content clientele
    She works positively with pertinacious dedication

    A lady highly regarded in every circle
    Working humbly, she maintains her esteemed reputation
    A free soul who loves to travel & relish lavishly
    A chocolate craver, like its taste is her personality