• mrittikakargupta 6w


    The land so green, the air so free
    The kids with flags binding them to the old tree,
    The same place but a new age
    People with the same pride but a humbler rage.

    The sound of Patriotism echoed throughout
    Every corner of each street,
    Flowers showered on every statue
    With salutes is how they today meet.

    That red that stood for blood
    Now is stained into roses,
    Women in white and green sari
    With matching green blouses.

    Community halls blasted with
    reminiscent speech,
    How rose the suppressed ones
    And how fell the rich.

    The day went with a lot of rush
    Rush to show our respect,
    Even after so many years
    Our pride was almost perfect.

    The day was over
    The flags still hung,
    But full-fledged patriotic song
    Were no more loudly sung.

    But somewhere in the heart of people
    It kindled with a flame,
    A love towards to Great martyrs
    For whom we thrive in India,
    The country that's our own we claim.