• pmscribbles 5w

    Mad city

    She rolled her windows down
    Chills brought back nostalgic memories,
    The traffic was at a stand still
    The city never sleeps
    The skyscrapers never ends aiming high,
    It was near end November
    The city sparkled in dazzling neon lights,
    Cold winds couldn't cripple the busy city.
    While most people chased their dream job
    She just wanted to stay inside the taxi,
    She just wanted to be lazy
    She just wanted to live
    May be breath without thinking she was an employer of life.
    She didn't want to have a destination
    Sometimes she just wanted to be lost,
    Like a lost puppy.
    She didn't want to be found.
    The traffic lights showed green.
    It was time to head home.
    Left the mad city for another day.