• _anjali___ 5w

    //Look at the mess we have created,
    In the name of 'love'.
    Though I did it inadvertently
    But Now,
    I just can't find a way out of it.
    I don't know why?
    Why can't I just get you out of my head
    Why can't I wave you a final goodbye.
    Why can't I let you go?
    Maybe I know, the reason..
    Maybe because I can't forget the way you made feel.
    The butterflies in my stomach when we met.
    My throbbing heart when I talked to you.
    Those happy tears when I hugged you.
    But I don't blame you,
    Because it's me,
    Not you.
    I've bought this upon myself in many ways,
    I shouldn't have let you get so close
    to my fragile heart
    I couldn't help but let you harvest there.
    your infatuation,
    I couldn't escape the memories,
    We created together.
    It's me
    I'm the one who's not capable
    Capable of letting you go
    Because damn
    It was honest from my side,
    I can't let you departure.//